A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

From the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” the GRANDMOTHER is against the trip to Florida and is trying everything possible to change his son’s mind. In her efforts to sabotage this trip to Florida, she tries to show Bailey and the kids stories about Misfit who is known for stealing and killing activities in Florida region. Grandmother was for the opinion of traveling to Tennessee since the kids had been to Florida. Tennessee trip would be a good experience to everyone like she once did. The kids John Wesley and June Star are very quick to judge grandmothers statement by insinuating she didn’t want to go to Florida and should stay back at home as they proceed with their trip. As grandmother reluctantly agrees to this journey, little is known about its turn out. It’s the judgmental nature of Bailey and the kids that landed them into an accident and fell into the trap of The Misfit. Their journey was peaceful as they enjoyed exploring different feature and the constant arguments they had made their journey short.

Grandmother decided to tell the kids a story to calm them down from an argument they had about their guessing game. She seemed so excited to bring back the old memories of an ended real relationship with a man she described as good looking and gentle. The man’s name was Mr. Teagarden, and she found love in him because of the little things he did like bringing her watermelons written E.A, T well. The melons made the grandmother feel sweet though a black boy ate it after reading the E.A.T sign engraved on it. John Wesley found this story funny and didn’t believe one would eat a melon only because it EAT was written on it. June Story, on the other hand, found this story annoying and quickly said she could not marry a man who bought her melons on Saturday. Her statement was a wrong judgment of Mr. Teabag, only gave grandmother watermelons on Saturdays but was wise enough to invest in a coca cola company and died a wealthy man. June Star might have expected something bigger from Mr. Teabag at the moment he was dating his grandmother, but the future that laid ahead of them counted in this case. Mr. Teabag’s success is another good instance of a wrong judgment of human nature that can cost us our future or can hinder our happiness. Grandmother liked Mr. Teabag because she believed he was a humble gentleman. June Star didn’t consider Mr. Teabag’s human nature and was quick to dismiss him for a relationship simply because he only offered Watermelons on Saturdays

The family decided to stop by Red Sammy’s Famous Barbecue to grab something to eat. Grandmother was playing her favorite song when June requested something she could tap too. When she stepped on the dance floor, Red Sammy’s wife admired her moves and felt she was cute. Sammy’s wife went ahead to ask her to be her little girl. June Star, unfortunately, admitted she would not stay in a broken- down place like Red Sammy’s. At this point, everyone is judgmental, even the kids are not left out. June Star was just a little girl, but she already had developed the judgmental attitude which is common human nature. Anyone would expect a restaurant in the outskirts of the city not to be good as the ones seen in the city. Here is a small kid, who probably doesn’t understand this fact and would not for a little think of living in such a place. An old place like Red Sammy’s barbecue could be a location of refuge during bad storms or even late in the night when you feel it’s not safe to travel. It is human nature to judge, but this is a small kid who doesn’t know much of what is made up of life and would not say she is was not right to utter mean such statements. She innocently expressed what she felt, guiding the kid on what is good or bad is appropriate in this case.

Despite the challenges, which included false arguments and mean statements the family was single-minded to reach Florida. After their short break, they continued their journey not aware of wat was to befall them. Grandmother remembered an old house with a secret panel. Surprisingly this excited all the kids, and they felt the need to pass by and see it. Bailey reluctantly gave in to their request when the children began to scream and cry. Unfortunately, they got into an accident when grandmother remembered the old house she was talking about was in Tennessee and not Georgia. The kids were not severely injured severely apart from their mother who had a broken shoulder. As they waited in shock for another car to come along, the grandmother could not tell everyone that the old house was in Tennessee. Unlucky for them, The Misfit was in the car they had hoped would help them. Grandmother’s story finally came true, and even the kids were able to smash his face as they earlier said. The rest of the family judged grandmother’s intentions against the Florida trip; she only wanted to protect them from this man Misfit. It was too late, and there they were in the hands of this cruel man dreaded by everyone. If only they listened to grandmother from the beginning, they would not be in the same situation. Though it was grandmother’s idea to visit the old house, she had warned her family against Misfit, and they all brushed her off.


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