Emilie and Louise

A man is not an island, which is why he has to make new friends. Emilie and Louise are the best things that happened to me over my visit to Paris. First of all, I was not familiar with many people. When you are in a foreign land, approaching random people to ask for directions may turn out to be the worst decision you ever made, but somehow these two made that my best choice.

For one, there is the anxiety that comes with the thought of them kidnapping you, using you, misleading you and even worse cases that could happen to you. You can say that I have trust issues. Louise and Emilie, take this 1 page essay as part of my appreciation for your amazing selves.

These two ladies made Paris feel like home, one of the reasons I extended my stay. So, how did I meet these two amazing souls? I booked a room at the Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower hotel, which I would recommend to someone looking for an average night hotel charge.

The best thing is that I could view Eiffel Tower, and it was 4-minutes-walk from the hotel.  On the verge of leaving the hotel room to head to the Paris Muse, being a history lover; after the museum, I was not sure if I wanted to do a lot with the mental depression disorder. Anyway, so as I close my hotel room, I see two beautiful ladies in the corridor.

I said hi since they came towards my next room door. I then introduced myself, and there and then, I got me some two friends. I shared with them about the places I was hoping to visit and went further to ask if they would recommend me a nice place to relax afterward, where I can find a Calvados.

I saw heaven on earth that day; it remains the most memorable bit of my entire visit to Paris. Louise and Emilie told me that they live around and that they had chosen to relax in the hotel to distract themselves from their busy work schedules. I had no clue that they had a liking for history!

I asked about their day-schedule, and it seemed unpacked as compared to mine. Believe it or not, they offered to take me around since they had their off! And the fact that it was Paris Muse even excited them further. We then took a cab from the Pullman’s Paris hotel to the muse, which was about a 13 minutes’ drive.

The Paris Muse

Upon arrival, we were utterly impressed such things as;

  • If I may call them; instructors and professors, not just guides!
  • The pleasure of seeing the treasures and the architecture explained
  • The wonders of Notre Dame incredibly shared by the director
  • Items such as Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa showcased and explained

The above was later followed by a leeway of whatever we preferred or wanted to see in the muse. The experience in the Louvre was more of an educational experience than it was entertainment, it was fun for us as lovers of history.

We managed to exchange contact and share a lot throughout the day. We were all worn out, and after having a meal at a nearby restaurant and relaxing, we all proceeded to the Lavinia near Madeleine, which was a few minutes’ drive; the place Emilie and Louise had recommended for Calvados. I kept in touch, and these two accompanied me wherever they could throughout my stay; they also made their weekly leave from work worthwhile!

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