How Short Can Your Essay Be If You Want a Good Grade?

While others may feel that their essays need to be longer to express their ideas better, any length will do as long as it contains all the components of a good essay. That includes an introduction that inspires the reader to continue, a body that elaborates as best as it can to express the entire idea, and a conclusion that makes sense.


So, what length should your essay be to get a good grade?


If your professor does not require a specific word count, your best bet is to write a one-page essay with this format.


  • 5 Paragraph Spacing
  • Times New Roman Font
  • Font Size 12
  • References on the Next Page


How do you get a good grade with a short essay?


While a short essay seems like an easy way out, it can actually be just as difficult as writing a long-form essay. The reason why a short essay poses some difficulty is that you have to put a wide range of thoughts and ideas in several paragraphs.


If you don’t write enough, you may not get your point across. If you write a longer version, then it’s not considered a short essay anymore. In order to write a good short essay, here are our tips and advice:


  1. Start with your outline.


When you create an outline, you will be able to set the length of the content of your essay. By dividing the ideas into sections, you can estimate how much you can write. Some sections will be longer. For example, an introduction can have three sentences, while a part of the body can consist of two paragraphs.


  1. Write as much as you can.


Just because you want a short essay does not mean that you can’t write more than your goal. The goal of writing more than what the page requires is because you will need to cut down the content into the most direct and concise sentences.


  1. Try not to go into backgrounds.


Instead of explaining the history of the essay’s content or topic, just refer the reader to your bibliography section. A sentence will suffice if you want to explain how you came to a conclusion.


  1. Use small words.


The academic world feels intimidating, but good writing uses short and simple words. There is no need to write flowery and long words or phrases. That will just take up space and the principle of good writing is readability. Short sentences and terms will create a great reading experience for your short essay.


  1. Don’t opinionate.


Opinions usually take longer to explain, so it’s best to stick with facts and one sentence that will help you transition to your conclusion. If you really want to dive into your views and opinion, the best place to do that is in your final paragraph.


  1. Do not repeat statements.


One mistake that essay writers make is that they usually end up saying things such as “As mentioned above,” “As said before,” “Like the aforementioned,” and so on. While this does support your previous statement, the reader already understands what you are trying to say. They know that you are referring to a previous statement.


  1. Lastly, mind your font and spacing.


Without any requirements from your professor, you should use your content as a guideline for your font and spacing. First of all, do not use casual fonts. Only use fonts that are linear and angular. Avoid using script fonts as well since these are almost unreadable in smaller fonts.


For spacing, do not go over 1.5 when adjusting paragraphs. You can lower it to a single space to suit your content. The common size used by schools is 11 or 12. Ask your professor which they prefer. Do not go over 12 as that will make the paper look unprofessional. If you need more help, ask a college writing service for their recommendations on formatting.

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