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Finding the Best Essayist in the Market

Essay assignments are mandatory tasks in college. Still, most students are unable to complete these tasks on time or as required. Failure to hand in quality essays results in low grades, which majorly impacts their final grade. Fortunately, students can get writing help from custom writing services available online. These companies have qualified writers for hire and guarantee quality content that is free from plagiarism

This article will help you get a reliable homework essay writer to complete your paper fast. Here is a guide on how to source a reputable essay writer.

  • Positive Reviews and Comments

Legit academic essays online companies have reviews and testimonials sections for clients to rate their services. Additionally, their writers have personal ratings to help students pick the best hire. You can learn a lot about their service delivery in this section. To find quality help, always check for positive feedback and high rating scores.

  • Handle Different Types of Essays

With the varied essay types, you need one handling your specific paper requirements. Check service websites for a list of writing styles to confirm. If you require college application essay writers, look out for admission writing help. Make sure you know what the company deals with first to save time and get a well-written essay.

  • Professional Writers

Crafting a quality essay from scratch requires both skills and experience, which only qualified writers can deliver. During your search, check whether their writers’ credentials meet the needs of your essay. The best college essay writers have years of experience in academic writing and a doctorate or master in your study field.

  • Customer Support System

Top services have a variety of communication options for their clients. It is ideal to hire an essay service with 24/7 support to keep track of your paper’s progress. An open communication system with the college essay writer for pay gives you a platform to share ideas, clarifications, or complaints.

  • Fast Delivery of Assignments

All essay assignment papers have deadlines that must be met. Luckily, most online writing services have estimated delivery dates for different orders. You can use the timeframes to gauge the best site to complete your paper before your deadline.

  • Offers Different Writing Services

Besides drafting the paper, essays require proper formatting and editing. The best college essay writers for pay will offer these different services for the same paper. Getting an all in one service will save you from hiring different helpers on your paper.

  • Guarantees Unique Content

Handing in a plagiarized essay has a huge effect on your academics. Therefore, it is crucial to have a unique paper. The best sites create essays from scratch, doing adequate research, and providing references for their sources. Additionally, some even offer plagiarism reports along with the essay assignment.


Limited time in school can prevent you from properly working on your essays. You can beat this by sourcing the help of an academic writer from a professional service. Getting a helper is the best decision you can make for quality college grades.

Writing Tips That Can Help You With Your Research Paper

Crafting a top-notch essay has never been easy for many students. Some know the steps, but implementing them becomes a challenge. Thanks to technology, experts can do a research paper on our behalf thou at a fee. Since you also require becoming a guru in research paper writing, here are few writing tips that can help you.

  • Writing Short Notes

A good writer should always have a journal or a notebook. With technology, you can download a note-taking app on your smartphone. Whenever an idea comes into your mind, you should write it. Note-taking helps you when doing a research paper. When doing your research, you cannot store all the information in your brains. You have to write down the most critical points. They will guide you when making your essay outline.

  • Proofreading

Great writers proofread something more than two times until they get satisfied with their work. When writing a research paper, you have to conduct enough research. No matter how reliable the information is, readers will lose credibility once they see spelling and grammar errors in your work. The professor checking the essay will get bored with your work.

Sometimes, too much work can make you procrastinate. You might get confused about where to start. Remember, the research paper requires time and effort. Check if you can find credible research paper writing service providers and hire a writer to do the job. Their work is fantastic. The quality and their charges are also reasonable.

  • Writing Everyday

The habit of writing dairy helps you to perfect your writing skills. It requires you to set aside time and form a habit of writing. You will not freak out once the teacher requires you to tackle a research paper with a 10,000 word-count limit. You will manage to plan your time well.

  • Reading

Writers are readers. To become a good writer, you need to read other writers’ work. Be keen on the writing style, the way they give information, character description, and the humor. Try to understand what the author meant with a particular phrase and why he used it. The more you read and become a keen observer help you discover many things. Applying that skill in your research paper is vital. Read and try to understand what the writer meant. Do thorough research and observe the main point. You should also read research papers from other writers to see how they wrote. Learn some vital tips from others then craft a compelling essay.

  • Stop Procrastinating

A good writer has a program on when to write and do other things. He does not leave room for procrastination. Remember, a research paper has a deadline. Failure to meet it has consequences. You need to create a timetable and start the job right away. Avoid procrastinating if you want to succeed in your research writing.

  • Invest

Great writers invest in things that make their writing better. For instance, you need a dictionary. You can also invest in the element of style and any other tool that makes your writing better. With all that, you can write a good research paper using the right style and correct grammar. That increases your research paper’s credibility.


Research paper writing causes panic among many students. Some procrastinate and end up rushing a few days to the deadline. If you know and practice these vital writing tips, you will have an easy time working on your research paper. You should avoid procrastinating. Read many books and research papers too. Write daily to help better your skills. Proofread thoroughly before submitting to make sure your work is quality.

How Short Can Your Essay Be If You Want a Good Grade?

While others may feel that their essays need to be longer to express their ideas better, any length will do as long as it contains all the components of a good essay. That includes an introduction that inspires the reader to continue, a body that elaborates as best as it can to express the entire idea, and a conclusion that makes sense.


So, what length should your essay be to get a good grade?


If your professor does not require a specific word count, your best bet is to write a one-page essay with this format.


  • 5 Paragraph Spacing
  • Times New Roman Font
  • Font Size 12
  • References on the Next Page


How do you get a good grade with a short essay?


While a short essay seems like an easy way out, it can actually be just as difficult as writing a long-form essay. The reason why a short essay poses some difficulty is that you have to put a wide range of thoughts and ideas in several paragraphs.


If you don’t write enough, you may not get your point across. If you write a longer version, then it’s not considered a short essay anymore. In order to write a good short essay, here are our tips and advice:


  1. Start with your outline.


When you create an outline, you will be able to set the length of the content of your essay. By dividing the ideas into sections, you can estimate how much you can write. Some sections will be longer. For example, an introduction can have three sentences, while a part of the body can consist of two paragraphs.


  1. Write as much as you can.


Just because you want a short essay does not mean that you can’t write more than your goal. The goal of writing more than what the page requires is because you will need to cut down the content into the most direct and concise sentences.


  1. Try not to go into backgrounds.


Instead of explaining the history of the essay’s content or topic, just refer the reader to your bibliography section. A sentence will suffice if you want to explain how you came to a conclusion.


  1. Use small words.


The academic world feels intimidating, but good writing uses short and simple words. There is no need to write flowery and long words or phrases. That will just take up space and the principle of good writing is readability. Short sentences and terms will create a great reading experience for your short essay.


  1. Don’t opinionate.


Opinions usually take longer to explain, so it’s best to stick with facts and one sentence that will help you transition to your conclusion. If you really want to dive into your views and opinion, the best place to do that is in your final paragraph.


  1. Do not repeat statements.


One mistake that essay writers make is that they usually end up saying things such as “As mentioned above,” “As said before,” “Like the aforementioned,” and so on. While this does support your previous statement, the reader already understands what you are trying to say. They know that you are referring to a previous statement.


  1. Lastly, mind your font and spacing.


Without any requirements from your professor, you should use your content as a guideline for your font and spacing. First of all, do not use casual fonts. Only use fonts that are linear and angular. Avoid using script fonts as well since these are almost unreadable in smaller fonts.


For spacing, do not go over 1.5 when adjusting paragraphs. You can lower it to a single space to suit your content. The common size used by schools is 11 or 12. Ask your professor which they prefer. Do not go over 12 as that will make the paper look unprofessional. If you need more help, ask a college writing service for their recommendations on formatting.

Readers’ Write the Most Interesting Short Essay Stories

To write a fascinating short essay, you should begin by sparking your readers’ curiosity. They will make them absorbed, and it will increase their desire to read more. If you make a mistake of writing a boring essay, you will lose your readers’ attention, regardless of how excellent your points are. You should avoid dully writing style at all costs if you want the readers to find your writing interesting. Some students think that the academic essay has to be formal and boring. Remember that your lecturer has some extensive marking work to do. If you bore him in the first paragraph, he will give low marks and continue marking your classmates’ essay stories. The question remains, how do you craft the most exciting essay story?

  • To Write My Essay for Me, You Have To Be Interesting

You cannot be interesting if you do not have a passion for what you are writing about. Even when chatting with your friends, you will find it easier to elaborate on the subject you have the passion for. If you have to write a short story essay regarding a topic you do not like, then you have to adjust your mindset. Start by believing that boring subjects do not exist. Be positive about and relate it to real life. Keep your reader in your mind and understand that whatever you find boring might be interesting to your readers. You can google, watch videos relating to it, read blogs, and discuss it with others who have a passion for it.

  • Include Fascinating Details

To write my essay for me, avoid writing a dry subject matter. Use a writing style that will make it more interesting. Look for all the interesting information about it. You can relate it to the real world. It will make your readers connect with it. For some boring topics like law, you can explain how that law has helped the people to be where they are.

  • To Write My Essay for Me, Emulate Other Writer’s Styles

One way to follow other writes is to read broadly. If you admire a particular writer, try to find out what is it in his writing style that captivates you to want to read more. You can check the authors’ sentence structure and his technique of writing. The more you read, the more you will subconsciously start emulating them in your essay without knowing.

If you got a problem writing, you need to worry less. You can get help to do my essay for me from qualified professionals. They got pocket-friendly charges. Their ability to follow guidelines is excellent. They produce high-quality work. When you submit the work to the lecturer, you have the guarantee of getting good marks.

  • Use Active Voice

To write my essay for me, you require using an active voice. Using an active voice makes your reading more enjoyable. Avoid mixing active voice and passive voice or strictly using passive voice. It brings confusion to people reading your essay. Passive voice only makes your work boring, unlike active voice that makes it more neat and enjoyable to read.


When asked you to write an impressive short essay story, you have to consider your audience. You do not want him to die of boredom when reading your essay. Neither do you want to attain fewer marks? Remember that your writing should be exciting and should make your readers more curious. You should emulate other writers and use their technique that makes the readers desire to read more. You should avoid using passive voice but rather use active voice. An active voice makes your work more interesting.

Emilie and Louise

A man is not an island, which is why he has to make new friends. Emilie and Louise are the best things that happened to me over my visit to Paris. First of all, I was not familiar with many people. When you are in a foreign land, approaching random people to ask for directions may turn out to be the worst decision you ever made, but somehow these two made that my best choice.

For one, there is the anxiety that comes with the thought of them kidnapping you, using you, misleading you and even worse cases that could happen to you. You can say that I have trust issues. Louise and Emilie, take this 1 page essay as part of my appreciation for your amazing selves.

These two ladies made Paris feel like home, one of the reasons I extended my stay. So, how did I meet these two amazing souls? I booked a room at the Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower hotel, which I would recommend to someone looking for an average night hotel charge.

The best thing is that I could view Eiffel Tower, and it was 4-minutes-walk from the hotel.  On the verge of leaving the hotel room to head to the Paris Muse, being a history lover; after the museum, I was not sure if I wanted to do a lot with the mental depression disorder. Anyway, so as I close my hotel room, I see two beautiful ladies in the corridor.

I said hi since they came towards my next room door. I then introduced myself, and there and then, I got me some two friends. I shared with them about the places I was hoping to visit and went further to ask if they would recommend me a nice place to relax afterward, where I can find a Calvados.

I saw heaven on earth that day; it remains the most memorable bit of my entire visit to Paris. Louise and Emilie told me that they live around and that they had chosen to relax in the hotel to distract themselves from their busy work schedules. I had no clue that they had a liking for history!

I asked about their day-schedule, and it seemed unpacked as compared to mine. Believe it or not, they offered to take me around since they had their off! And the fact that it was Paris Muse even excited them further. We then took a cab from the Pullman’s Paris hotel to the muse, which was about a 13 minutes’ drive.

The Paris Muse

Upon arrival, we were utterly impressed such things as;

  • If I may call them; instructors and professors, not just guides!
  • The pleasure of seeing the treasures and the architecture explained
  • The wonders of Notre Dame incredibly shared by the director
  • Items such as Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa showcased and explained

The above was later followed by a leeway of whatever we preferred or wanted to see in the muse. The experience in the Louvre was more of an educational experience than it was entertainment, it was fun for us as lovers of history.

We managed to exchange contact and share a lot throughout the day. We were all worn out, and after having a meal at a nearby restaurant and relaxing, we all proceeded to the Lavinia near Madeleine, which was a few minutes’ drive; the place Emilie and Louise had recommended for Calvados. I kept in touch, and these two accompanied me wherever they could throughout my stay; they also made their weekly leave from work worthwhile!

This Year Winners of Hugo Award for Best Novel

If you’re into fantasy stories or science fiction, then the Hugo Awards are surely something you’re looking forward to. Especially if you fell in love with certain books or authors, you want to see them succeed and take the award home. As such, all you have to do is keep an eye on the event and see the outcome, because there are a number of nominees waiting to see if they’ll be the ones to get the prize.

This year has some special writers in store for you, so who is in the race for the award on the science fiction section? You’ll find out in this article.

What is the Hugo Award for Best Novel?

Let’s remember what the Hugo awards are all about. First of all, you should know that this award is not something just recently invented. In fact, the first award has been given back in 1953 and has been given each year since then.

The Hugo Award for Best Novel is only one of the awards offered in this program, and it’s given to SF stories published during the preceding year. In addition, a novel must have at least 40,000 words to qualify for these awards. As such, many writers can potentially become award-winners for their amazing stories.

How Is the Award Winner Chosen?

The choosing part is a whole process which takes place over the course of months. Basically, from January to March, initial nominations are taking place, after which there are a series of votes given from April to July. These votes will determine which novel will get the big award.

The votes are offered by those who attend the annual Worldcon or support it, while its central event constituted by the presentation evening. This year, the winner will be chosen in Dublin, Ireland, while the ceremony will take place on August 18.

Who Are the Finalists for 2019?

Unlike previous years when the nominees consisted of five works, from 2017 forward it consists of six works. Therefore, there are six nominees for this year, and one of them will be chosen later during the following months.

The ones that made it to the finals this year are writers you might have heard about if you’re constantly looking for writing world news. They are:

  • Yoon Ha Lee with the book “Revenant Gun”
  • Catherynne M. Valente with the book “Space Opera”
  • Becky Chambers with the book “Record of a Spaceborn Few”
  • Rebecca Roanhorse with the book “Trail of Lighting”
  • Mary Robinette Kowal with the book “The Calculating Stars”
  • Naomi Novik with the book “Spinning Silver”

All of these authors were Hugo nominees prior to this year, while three of them won trophies in the past. However, they were not for novels. While Rebecca Roanhorse, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Catherynne Valente have been winners of awards in the past, Becky Chambers, Yooh Ha Lee and Naomi Novik are all being nominated for consecutive novels.

If you want to figure out who will be the big winner, then keep an eye on the announcement that will be given at Dublin in August this year.

Final Thoughts

The Hugo Award for Best Novel is surely a fun event to follow if you’re into one or more of the nominated writers. So far, they are winners in their own way because they made it to the finals but in the end, only one of them will be awarded. At WorldCon 77 which will be held in Ireland between August 15 and 19, the best one will be chosen.

Diversity Is Important. Young Adult Novels with POC Protagonists

Many times, stories tend to follow the same cliché storylines, have the same type of main characters and end up similarly, and it seriously starts getting boring. Not only do most protagonists follow the same pattern, but you can usually predict what’s going to happen along the storyline too. It really takes away from the enthusiasm you had before picking up the book.

This is why diversity should be embraced more often, as it creates some authenticity in books and gives people more chances to relate to a character. One way to do this is by adding POC protagonists. You’re sure to have a blast reading these books, which is why we compiled this list of some great novels with people of color as main characters. Let’s get started!

  1. Full Cicada Moon by Marilyn Hilton

As we’re still living in a world where appearance matters a lot to other people, Mimi is a protagonist you’ll find easily relatable. She is a half-Japanese, half-black girl in 1969. She moves to a town in Vermont, where the majority of people are white, and you could tell what happens – she is pointed fingers at because people consider her unusual. Despite knowing that all people see is her appearance, she dreams of becoming an astronaut. Will she succeed in her life? Better buy this book and find out by yourself.

  1. Into White by Randi Pink

When facing racism, many people of color wish they were born white instead, so they wouldn’t have to face all the torment. This is also the case of Toya Williams, the main character of Into White, who is mad at the amount of discrimination she has to deal with. Because she’s sick and tired of it, she prays she was of a different race – which happens the next morning, when she wakes up white. The whole book is a great mix of different elements such as classism, racism, and sexism, as well as humor and sadness alike. If you want to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, this book is surely a must-read.

  1. Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham

This book focuses on the story of a Muslim American woman, Scarlett, who is not afraid to venture herself in solving the crimes in her hometown. As her father has been murdered too, she’s working really hard to discover who’s responsible for the incident. When she sees that her family has been involved with a supernatural situation, and that’s when she thinks it is linked to her dad’s mysterious death.

  1. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This novel is telling the story of six people with special powers. They’re outcasts of the society, and this makes them more relatable to the audience who is going through something similar. Two of the main characters are of color, and their skills are not slept on – they’re actually really cool and powerful! Don’t miss the chance to read this entertaining story.

  1. If I Tell by Janet Gurtler

“If I Tell” focuses on more than the racial problem, respectively that of a child raised by one parent. Basically, she’s the result of a one night stand between two people of different races. She’s never met her father but is getting along really well with her mother. However, she sees her mother’s boyfriend kissing someone else, and during the whole book, she is trying to tell her mother the truth. Like that wasn’t already enough, she also has to deal with living in a town where clashes between white and black people are not too pleasant.

These books are great if you’re looking for some diversity, so give them a shot. Aside from being entertaining and keeping you with the nose in the book for hours, they also have the gift to teach people to be more accepting towards others. Also it’s can be hard to write good enough story with diverse characters, so you can use those diversity essays.

Analysis of Beneatha as a Character in the play, A Rising in the Sun.


Beneatha Younger is a character from the play, A Rising in the Sun. The play is a story of a lower-class family of black people that is working hard to gain recognition in the middle –class. In that case, the play revolves around this struggle. The play primarily focuses on how $10,000 insurance money should be spent after the check is received. The money is supposed to compensate the death of sixty year’s old husband who was the father of the family. The son, Walter Lee Younger Feels that he has the responsibility to take care of the family. For that matter, he is willing to invest all the money in a liquor assisted by two of his friends. However, ethical reasons lead to her mother objections to the idea. This causes some minor conflicts amongst the family. In the drama, Mama decides to pay for a house in the white neighborhood using some of the money. some of the money as a down payment on a house which is located in a white neighborhood. This increases their conflict which makes Mama suffer (Wilkerson, pg. 65). Determined to make things right between them, he entrusts the rest of the money to him but Walter decides to invest it in his liquor store secretly. Doing this, he hopes to quadruple his initial investment. One of Walter’s prospective partners in the business decides to run off with the money causing a huge loss to the family. It was a great way to test their spiritual and psychological adherence. They undergo a lot of problems but still decides to move to the white neighborhood regardless of the warning that they are not welcome. Beneatha Younger plays a critical role in this play especially by displaying her smart character to the family. The paper focuses primarily on her role, her relationship with other characters and the themes she displays.


Beneatha Younger, popularly known as “Bennie” is the sister to Walter Lee Younger and Mama’s daughter. She is twenty years old and very smart at the same time. Beneatha is an intellect who attends college and happens to be educated than the rest of her younger siblings. She has personal beliefs that have distanced her from Mama considering the fact that, Mama is very conservative. Bennie is a dreamer and hopes to become a doctor someday so that she can determine her identity as a black woman in the society. Due to the fact that they are a poor working class family, Beneatha has to share her room with her mother in their small apartment (Wilkerson, pg. 36). Appearing for the first time in the play, Beneatha is described as a slim, wild girl with thick hair and beautiful face. Again, she uses different English which is different from the rest of the family. All this is connected to her education.

Beneatha Role in the Play

Beneatha’s family wants her to marry a financially stable man but her plans dictate otherwise. She wants to study in a medical school after she finishes college. Her biggest dream is to become a doctor and help other people. It is, however, one of her biggest ideals and aims. Looking keenly her ambitions are echoed by her name which sounds like ‘beneath he’. In this case, this may mean that her high ideals may cause discomfort of the people who surround her. Alternatively, it may mean that her ideal may leave a lot of people thinking about her. For that matter, Beneatha does not seem to fulfill the conservative expectations of the society (Adams, pg. 50). She is ultimately not satisfied with what she gets but rather struggles to have everything she desires in life.  On her quest to become the lady she desires in the society, Beneatha finds herself in a lot of conflicts. She not only fights against what is expected of her womanhood but also struggles so as to cope with racism and generation caused conflicts between her and Mama. For instance, this is seen in her discussion with her brother Walter about George as her suitor as well as discussion with her mother about their different perception about religion. There is also an aspect of the inner conflict that is brought about by her position between her assimilation of the White society and her African heritage.

Considering the fact that Beneatha is more educated than her younger family, she most of the times seems to be self-centered and obnoxious. It is most evident in the early scenes. In the current situation, her family is facing a lot of problems.  However, she openly and freely talks about how she views things to a household that has a lot of difficulties understanding her. To the puzzlement of the family, Beneatha favors her African suitor rather than her rich boyfriend. This is the time family expects her to take advantage that will help them out of their financial problems. Even though it’s clear that her family is poor, it does not prevent her from feeding her ego. In the play, we see that she does not hesitate from flitting from one expensive hobby to another in accordance to what her mood dictates. This is regardless of the fact that, the family could have resourcefully used the money spent on her horseback riding, acting lessons, buying camera equipment among other chubby things. It clear that there is more pressing financial obligation that the family needs to take care of.

It is clear that Beneatha is advantaged than most her siblings. Clearly, Walter lacked the privilege of schooling like she did. However, she believes and insists that she has a right to higher education. Now, everyone in the family seems to be making a sacrifice so that Beneatha can attain her dreams of becoming a doctor. This fact is clearly pointed out by Walter as the play begins (Adams, pg. 76). It seems to be an act of selfishness that, Beneatha strength comes from her quest to become an independent woman. This appears from the fact that, she is a new woman who clearly rejects the traditional role of a woman. The fact that she knows too much about Africa, and how women are treated raises her esteem to a great extent. Throughout the play, Beneatha tries to search for an identity as an African woman in the white society. However, the more she interacts with Joseph Asagai in their relationship, the more her ego drops and becomes a likable pleasant person.

Beneatha Younger relationship with her mother is to a great extent a conflict considering the many differences between them.  However, the relationship is not strained. Even after she is slapped by her mother for what is termed as blasphemous talk, she later hugs her Mama for understanding why she dismissed George. Even if they don’t always agree, there is a clear understanding and love between them. In her dealings, especially with her brother, she is opinionated and clearly lives to what she believes especially during the beginning of the floor.

Relationship Between Beneatha Younger and other characters in the play.

One of the closest relationships seen in the novel is between Beneatha and her mother Lena. Lena in a special way understand her daughter and make a lot of sacrifices to make sure that she is successful. However, they seem to have a lot of differences which leads to many conflicts. For instance, Lena does not approve of the fact that Beneatha does not believe in God (Adams, pg. 80). This even leads to her slapping her for what is termed as a blasphemous comment. On another instance, she wants Beneatha to be married to a financially well-suited man with an aim that, she will help her family and help herself. But Beneatha has a different goal in life, she wants to go to a medical school, learn and become a doctor so as she can help other people. Regardless of all this, Beneatha and her mother Lena loves one another. At one instance, they are seen to hug one another when Lena understand the dismissal of George as a suitor.

Another important relationship in the play is between Beneatha and Walter. They happen to be brother and sister but do not get along because of several reasons. First, Beneatha and her brother Walter disagree on how their mother Lena should use the money she is about to receive (Wilkerson, pg. 112). At some point, Beneatha tells Walter, “That money belongs to mama, Walter, and it’s for her to decide how she wants to use it” (pg. 36). Walter believes that Beneatha wants to manipulate her mother so that she can use the money in the medical school. Walter wants the money so that he can invest it in a liquor store. He does not like the fact that, he will work while Beneatha is in school. Again, their values and goals differ to a great extent, while Beneatha wants to study and become a doctor, Walter believes that she should stick to her traditional roles as a woman. He says that “Who the hell told you-you had to be a doctor? If you so crazy about messing around with sick people, then go be a nurse like other women or just get married and be quiet…” (pg. 38). Beneatha thinks that Walter is selling them out to the white people when he refuses to move to the white neighborhood in the exchange of money. To him, money is the only important thing that should bother him. Beneatha hates this. At the end, he refuses to accept the money and decides to cooperate with Beneatha so that the can pursue African-American rights.

The relationship between Beneatha and Gorge as well as Joseph is very important in the play. George is interested in marrying Beneatha but she notes his disappointment in African heritage especially when he mocks her natural hair. As all this continues in the play, the character of Beneatha is greatly influenced by these two different men. George Murchison is educated and wealthy while Josephs is just but a common African from Nigeria. However, neither of them is involved in Youngers’ financial difficulties in an active manner (Wilkerson, pg. 150). In their relationship with Beneatha, George represents a completely assimilated African American who cites his education and therefore denies African Heritage. He even mocks Walter for lack of education and money. This greatly way disgusts Beneatha. On the other hand, Joseph teaches Beneatha about her African heritage and encourages her to adopt it. Dismisses George as a suitor and with time, her relationship with Joseph makes a likable nice person whose ego has dropped significantly.

Beneatha Relationship with Various Themes in the Play.

Beneatha plays a great role in the reflection of various themes in the play especially when it comes to, Dreams, Racism, and Gender. There are even symbols connected with her that try to explain these themes.  Essentially, the play is all about dreams considering the fact that main characters struggle to change situations that oppress them in life (Adams, pg. 128). Beneatha, in particular, is so determined to realize her dreams in life as she tries to figure out her position in life. She is willing to do as much as she can to go to the medical school regardless of the fact that her family is struggling financially.  Beneatha, with her intelligence, tries to figure out her identity and that of her race. George Murchison in the context of Beneatha shows racial discrimination which is very persistent when their efforts are directed to assimilation. In this case, someone is integrated into the social mainstream. Beneatha condemns George claiming that he is ashamed of his heritage. He says that “I hate assimilationist Negros”.  Natural hair that Beneatha keeps happens to symbolize her pride in her culture of African heritage, together with the desire to explore her roots. When Joseph comments on how her hair is straightened “mutilated” she decided to cut it and keep it natural (Wilkerson, pg. 160). There are some people who are surprised by that decision including George but in her case, she views that as an opportunity to distance herself from the oppressive nature of western culture.  In this case, she is able to clearly express her racial identity. In the end, they fight for their right of living in their new house in the white neighborhood. Finally, she is so connected to the theme of Gender as well. In a society where woman roles are already pre-determined by the traditions, Beneatha decides to become a doctor regardless of criticism from his brother.

In conclusion, it is clear that Beneatha is very crucial in the play. As a character trying to figure out her position in a compromised society, she helps the author put together a play that addressed issues that less privileged families go through when trying to make ends meet. Regardless of many obstacles in her way, Beneatha is determined to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. Considering that she is not perfect, regardless of her intellectual capability, she learns through characters like Joseph Asagai and becomes a much better person who is more likable and easy to interact and reason with. He no longer ridicules her brother for his big dreams, neither does he blame him for the family downfall. Instead, she is ready to work together with him to protect the interest of the family and defend their rights as black people.

A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor

From the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” the GRANDMOTHER is against the trip to Florida and is trying everything possible to change his son’s mind. In her efforts to sabotage this trip to Florida, she tries to show Bailey and the kids stories about Misfit who is known for stealing and killing activities in Florida region. Grandmother was for the opinion of traveling to Tennessee since the kids had been to Florida. Tennessee trip would be a good experience to everyone like she once did. The kids John Wesley and June Star are very quick to judge grandmothers statement by insinuating she didn’t want to go to Florida and should stay back at home as they proceed with their trip. As grandmother reluctantly agrees to this journey, little is known about its turn out. It’s the judgmental nature of Bailey and the kids that landed them into an accident and fell into the trap of The Misfit. Their journey was peaceful as they enjoyed exploring different feature and the constant arguments they had made their journey short.

Grandmother decided to tell the kids a story to calm them down from an argument they had about their guessing game. She seemed so excited to bring back the old memories of an ended real relationship with a man she described as good looking and gentle. The man’s name was Mr. Teagarden, and she found love in him because of the little things he did like bringing her watermelons written E.A, T well. The melons made the grandmother feel sweet though a black boy ate it after reading the E.A.T sign engraved on it. John Wesley found this story funny and didn’t believe one would eat a melon only because it EAT was written on it. June Story, on the other hand, found this story annoying and quickly said she could not marry a man who bought her melons on Saturday. Her statement was a wrong judgment of Mr. Teabag, only gave grandmother watermelons on Saturdays but was wise enough to invest in a coca cola company and died a wealthy man. June Star might have expected something bigger from Mr. Teabag at the moment he was dating his grandmother, but the future that laid ahead of them counted in this case. Mr. Teabag’s success is another good instance of a wrong judgment of human nature that can cost us our future or can hinder our happiness. Grandmother liked Mr. Teabag because she believed he was a humble gentleman. June Star didn’t consider Mr. Teabag’s human nature and was quick to dismiss him for a relationship simply because he only offered Watermelons on Saturdays

The family decided to stop by Red Sammy’s Famous Barbecue to grab something to eat. Grandmother was playing her favorite song when June requested something she could tap too. When she stepped on the dance floor, Red Sammy’s wife admired her moves and felt she was cute. Sammy’s wife went ahead to ask her to be her little girl. June Star, unfortunately, admitted she would not stay in a broken- down place like Red Sammy’s. At this point, everyone is judgmental, even the kids are not left out. June Star was just a little girl, but she already had developed the judgmental attitude which is common human nature. Anyone would expect a restaurant in the outskirts of the city not to be good as the ones seen in the city. Here is a small kid, who probably doesn’t understand this fact and would not for a little think of living in such a place. An old place like Red Sammy’s barbecue could be a location of refuge during bad storms or even late in the night when you feel it’s not safe to travel. It is human nature to judge, but this is a small kid who doesn’t know much of what is made up of life and would not say she is was not right to utter mean such statements. She innocently expressed what she felt, guiding the kid on what is good or bad is appropriate in this case.

Despite the challenges, which included false arguments and mean statements the family was single-minded to reach Florida. After their short break, they continued their journey not aware of wat was to befall them. Grandmother remembered an old house with a secret panel. Surprisingly this excited all the kids, and they felt the need to pass by and see it. Bailey reluctantly gave in to their request when the children began to scream and cry. Unfortunately, they got into an accident when grandmother remembered the old house she was talking about was in Tennessee and not Georgia. The kids were not severely injured severely apart from their mother who had a broken shoulder. As they waited in shock for another car to come along, the grandmother could not tell everyone that the old house was in Tennessee. Unlucky for them, The Misfit was in the car they had hoped would help them. Grandmother’s story finally came true, and even the kids were able to smash his face as they earlier said. The rest of the family judged grandmother’s intentions against the Florida trip; she only wanted to protect them from this man Misfit. It was too late, and there they were in the hands of this cruel man dreaded by everyone. If only they listened to grandmother from the beginning, they would not be in the same situation. Though it was grandmother’s idea to visit the old house, she had warned her family against Misfit, and they all brushed her off.


Works reflecting on ‘Wit’

The play, Wit by Margaret Edson is a narrative of a n English professor struggle with cancer.  After she was told that she had a terminal cancer, she had to figure out how she was going to handle the rest of her life. Edson opens the play by telling the audience about Vivian, the main character, everything about her life, and her ironic perspective about life. Vivian is portrayed being proud of her strength, in her medical journey ready to take on the heavy doses of chemicals. At some point, she flashed back her life as a child while going through a physical deterioration but she remained strong and fearless. This paper primarily focuses on the scientific information and critical scholarship that provide understanding of the Wit play.

There are various works which provides insight into Wit. For instance, Donne’s poetry has greatly influenced Wit’s play in the script writing. Therefore, the critical scholarship that provides insight into the experiences of the Wit play is the John Donne’s poetry. Most of the Donne’s poems enrich the audiences with the themes of death and love. This has been reflected in the Wit’s play in many instances. Wits have been properly employed in the Edson’s play which indicates Donne’s influences. In many scenes, Vivian is witty and sarcastic in the way she talked. Even after she was told that she had cancer, she became comical when talking about her misery. According to Edson, death has to be accepted as a way out of the pain that an individual may be feeling.  The issue of death is greatly portrayed in the Donne’s poetry which indicates his obsession on the theme.  This seemed to have influenced the Wit play because it is considered as not something to be feared but rather as a way out of pain.

His Christian way of upbringing convinced him of the existence of the afterlife. According to John Donne, death is not supposed to be feared but rather conquered with the faith of having to enjoy the afterlife. The way Edson portray death is a clear understanding that death is temporary that opens a door to another life and therefore, any individual suffering from any illness should accept death as a way out of Pin. This is evident on the way Vivian was talking about death. She discussed it wittingly and comically indicating lack of fear may be because one is aware there is an afterlife at the end of it all. H Vivian openly preferred death to any kind of treatment claiming that treatment was full of pain yet death was a way out of pain.

Donne was religious and he believed that Christians overpowered death and that they had nothing to fear. He demeaned the power of death by saying that it was nothing serious but the end result to fate and chance. He equated it as something that involved resting and sleeping robbing of its power. Also, the way Vivian treated death as a way of escaping pain is a clear indication that Donne had great influence on the Edson’s play. She did not put much consideration on death and claimed that the treatment processes of ovarian cancer were the most painful ones and that the death was just a way of relieving a person from the pain.

Donne’s poetry has been seen to be portraying both Christian and intellectual life. He was brought by Catholic parents and that is why he was very religious in his poems. This explains why some other themes such as religion have been considered in the Edson’s play.  Vivian’s redemption was achieved through her encounter with Ashford.  Edson unknowingly affirmed both serious scholarship and a Christian understanding of God’s persistent pursuit of His children. There is religion involved in the life of Vivian. Professionalism was another theme seen through Vivian’ profession and her longing to teach again when she was sick and at the hospital.

Vivian was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was given a high-dose treatment. This indicates her stage of cancer. This has been well illustrated in the research conducted by John Martisch which provides the overview of the stage IV cancer. According to John’s research, patients diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer have disease that can spread outside the abdomen and the liver. Its standard treatment for stage IV ovarian cancer consisted of both surgery and
chemotherapy. Unfortunately, less than 10% of patients experience long-term survival following
standard treatment. This explains why Vivian was given chemotherapy with the doctors saying that he was not going to live for long. Chemotherapy may be given before and after surgery. It is given to the patients before so as to reduce the cancerous cells before the cancer is surgically removed.

Another scientific research indicates that there are various chemotherapy treatments that can treat her disease. According to this research, any patient undergoing chemotherapy treatments is likely to experience various side-effects such as fever, vomiting, chills and abdominal pain. Vivian’s ailment involved becoming unconscious which required urgent attention. Edson chose ovarian cancer as the Vivian’s ailment due to the difficult survival statistics. Hers was an advanced ovarian cancer and eve the nurse told her that there was no treatment for her disease. Unfortunately, Vivian was at first in denial of the disease which is normal for all the individuals diagnosed with cancer.  Edson illustrates in the play the face made by Vivian after she was told by Doctor Kelekian that she had cancer. It is evident from it that everyone fears cancer no matter what it no advanced treatment had and for every treatment, there was a lot of pain involved. She was shocked and had to sit down first and think about and everything involved.

Keely Macarow also provided her overview of the reaction she had upon being told by her doctor that she had cancer. According to her, any willingness of the patient to live will increase the chances of becoming cancer-free after the surgical removal of the cancer. She was scared at first but she showed her celebration of the twelve year journey embarking on cancer treatments that have been successful in many instances. She went through many operations aimed at removing the malignant. In Wit, Vivian had a chance to live through other available treatment options but she had accepted that death was coming earlier than she thought. She did this by agreeing to sign the DNR order for Do Not Resuscitate order. That order meant that if Bearing lost consciousness no extraordinary means should be used to keep her alive.